H WCC/WB 668 Wyarno 9500 ET

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CTR R. Gamer E711

Cows and calves are out to pasture!  They seem to be growing as fast as the grasses!

Visitors are always welcome to come and pick out look.  It is not too early to start selecting 

your next herd bull prospect or show heifer!

CTR 743 Mittens Sue 009X.

Churchill Gamer 4167B ET  P43481125

Gamer is the Sire of both bulls. He  is super thick, gentle and correct.

CTR Lady GG10 708E    Birthdate - 2/21/17    P43793185

​Sire - TH 89t 755T Stockman 475Z

Dam - CTR Lady G10 220Z ET

CTR A Game E706

Bulls  for Sale

FOR SALE:  Our 2017 Bulls, Steers and

Heifers are growing fast and will be for Sale ~ Private Treaty​​ . Come and pick out your next herd bull prospect or show heifer or steer! 715-483-1184    

JJD Victoria Gold 2018

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CSF 435 Lady 9200

We have another fantastic ET Bull calf in Lake City Mn : ​CTR Rockin' Way E71 ET  P43808282 Birthdate : 2/9/17  This Embryo was from Churchill Cattle Company- Montana and he is pretty special.  He is out of H WCC/ WB 668 Wyarno 9500ET and CSF 435 Lady 9200.  He is for sale and should add value to any herd.

TH 75J 243R Bailout 144U ET

Sire - TH 89T 755T Stockman 475Z

Dam- ​CTR Lady G10 220Z ET

Churchill Red Bull 200Z

CTR Bold Gold 415B ET     P43468162    Birthdate: 3/17/14

Sire: TH 75J 243R Bailout 144U ET  Dam: JJD Victoria Gold 2018

Bold Gold is a bred three year old.  She was bred to our herd bull from Iron Lake Ranch - ILR Access 95T 5143 ET and is safe in calf.   She has balanced EPD's , is very gentle and is for sale.

Here are a few of our 2017 Heifers that are for sale at Christ the Rock Herefords

CTR 743 Mittens Sue  009X   DOD

CTR Power Trust E76 ET P43808207  Birthdate 3/31/17
CTR Power Trust E75 ET P43808206  Birthdate 4/3/17

We are very exctied about these two bull calves.  They are ET  calves out of Trust - the embryos were from AbraKadabra Cattle Company in Missouri and we had them in Recip. cows in Lake City, MN.  We just saw them and they look awesome!!! To top it off these guys have a super set of EPDs!  We can't wait to get them home. They will make awesome herd bull prospects and are for sale - private treaty.

CTR 298P Roxys Secret 701T - Dam of CTR R. Gamer E711

As you can see she is also super dark cherry red, goggle eyed and incredibly thick and muscular.  She produces a ton of milk!!!!!

Dam - CTR Rocks Baily 412B ET

Churchill Gamer 4167B ET

Sire - Churchill Gamer 4167B 

CTR R. Gamer E711  P43792239   Birthdate 3/12/17

Sire: Churchill Gamer 4167B ET Dam: CTR 298P Roxys Secret 701T

R. Gamer is Goggle eyed, dark cherry red, gentle and correct, out of our oldest cow.  She always raises a great calf that is one of the first to sell!

CTR A Game E706   P 43792215  Birthdate: 2/15/17

Sire: Churchill Gamer 4167 B ET Dam: CTR 743 Mittens Sue 009X DOD

A Game is just like his parents, super thick, great legs and feet, stylish!

CTR Red Hot Mittens 502C DOB- 02/08/15

Sire- Churchill Red Bull 200Z     Dam- CTR 743 Mittens Sue 009X

Red Hot Mittens is a bred two year old that is for sale.  She did a great job with her Revolution 4R heifer calf this season.  She is safe in calf for a 3/9/18 ILR Access 95T 5143 ET calf. 

​NJW 73S M326 Trust 100W ET   sire of Power Trusts

CTR Rock's Beauty 714E  Birthdate - 3/8/17  P43792228

Sire - Churchill Gamer 4167E ET

Dam - CTR Rocks Baily 412B ET

ILR Access 95T 5143 ET

CTR 298P Roxys Secret 701T

Bred Heifers and Cows  for Sale

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