Sire: C CJC 89T Pure Gold 4300 ET

ILR CTR 4134 Golden Rose 861 P43925947  Birthdate: 05/09/18

Sire: C CJC 89T Pure Gold 4300 ET Dam: SR 021W Bayrose 4134 ET

Purchased at Iron Lake Ranch ~ Iron Clad Genetics Sale 2018.   Her dam, Bayrose was Iron Lake's pick of three flushmate from Sierra Ranches.  The Bull is a Pure Gold out of the famous Gemini 89T cow.  

ILR CTR 357A Lady Regal 852 P43925940  Birthdate: 04/09/18

​Sire: C CJC ILR Regal 3174 ET Dam: ILR KJ Lady Vicky 357A ET

This dark cherry heifer, purchased from Iron Lake Ranch, is out of the recently deceased Regal and Vicky 357A a Trust daughter. She is long and stylish and her EPD's are as impressive as she is!

ILR CTR X51 Lady Extra 718     P43802570  Birthdate: 2-22-17   

Sire: KCF Bennet Revolution X51  Dam: ILR Iron Lady 459B ET

We feel Lady Extra 718 is the best X51 female around!  Purchased at Iron Lake Ranch's IRON CLAD Genetics Sale - November 11, 2017  Expecting an ILR 5039 Remington 700 calf this Spring.

Dam: SR 021W Bayrose 4134 ET

ILR 501 Lady Maiden 701 ET   43807253  Birthdate 1/31/17

Sire:  Churchill Kickstart 501C   Dam: RPH Maiden 95T

We have added some real quality and depth to our CTR Genetics with this beautiful heifer.  She is a maternal brother to Wildcat. Her sire Kickstart topped Churchill 2016 Bull sale at $125,000 for 1/2 interest.  She is expecting an ILR 1L Sooner 6119 ET calf this Spring.     Owned with Iron Lake Ranch!  

We love our Hereford cattle. 

  Herefords are perfect for the person who needs a great 4H project because they have such easy going temperaments,  Or for the commercial cattle farm to provide heterosis, and of course for the pure bred Hereford folks.. who just love them .

We are so excited about our recent

additions to our herd!