OHR Effie 100W 97B  P43534955 Birth Date: 01-01-15

Effie 97B is out of Remitall Effie 38P and NJW 73S M326 Trust 100W ET.  She is 

dark cherry red with lots of pigment and  with a ton of bone and style.

ILR CTR 357A Lady Regal 852  P43925940  Birthdate: 04/09/18

Sire: C CJC ILR Regal 3174 ET    Dam: ILR KJ Lady Vicky 357A ET

We purchased this beauty at the Iron Clad Genetics sale this fall. She is out of the recently deceased Regal bull and her EPD's look as good as she does!

​CTR Game Effort 619D    P43694655     Birthdate 5/29/16

Sire: Churchill Gamer 4167B ET   Dam: OHF Effie 100W 97B - Game Effort 619D is correct with a ton of thickness.  She is in the top 4% for Ribeye and CHB and she is a gentle as they come!

ILR CTR X51 Lady Extra 718  P43802570  Birthdate: 02/22/17

Sire: KCF Bennett Revolution X51  Dam: ILR Iron Lady 459B ET

Purchased at the 2017 Iron Clad Genetics sale. Beautiful Phenotype. 

Tremendous EPD profile!  Top 1-5% in WW, YW, M&G, Udder, Teat, REA, CHB, BII, BMI

JDH AH MS 1B Victor 100D ET  P43680914  Birth Date: 02-17-16

 MS 1B Victor 100D is a polled  grand daughter of the famous HH Miss Advance 5139R ET Cow. Her Sire is JDH Victor 719T 33Z ET and maternal sire is KJ HVH 33N Redeem 485T ET

ILR CTR 4134 Golden Rose 861  P43925947    Birthdate: 05/09/18

Sire:  C CJC 89T Pure Gold 4300 ET    Dam: SR 021W Bayrose 4134 ET

Golden Rose was purchased this fall from Iron Lake Ranch. Her sire is out of C-S Pure Gold and TH 16G 20N Gemini 89T.  Her dam , Bayrose was the pick of three flushmates at Sierra Ranch. ( Purchased by Dimitri Mataragas- Iron Lake Ranch)

CTR 3T Rockin' Pride 209Z    P43274555   Birth Date:  02-11-12

CTR Rockin' Pride is out of Fred Larson's  FCC 7M Pride 3T and our Rox Secret 802U  (DOD) cow.   She has a  moderate build,  super dark with a  perfect udder. 

CTR Rock's Absuelute 305A  P43367229  Birth Date: 01-23-13

CTR Rock's Absuelute  is a McCoy 55M Absolute 49S daughter. She is incredibly deep bodied and moderate frame. Her Maternal Sire is CRR About Time 743.

CTR Lady G10 Again 221Z ET   P43277258    Birth Date:  04-04-12

CTR Lady G10 Again 221Z ET is out of THM Durango 4037 and  Carl Olson / Jim Sladek's  SHF Lady 512 G10 ET  cow

CTR Lady G10 220Z ET  P43277257   Birth Date: 03-31-12

CTR Lady G10 220Z ET is the other ET calf out of THM Durango 4037 and  Carl Olson / Jim Sladek's  SHF Lady 512 G10 ET  cow.  .
CTR 298P ROX SECRET 802U  DOD (P42896136) Birth Date: 02-08-08
CTR 298P Rox Secret 802U is out of  a Thomas Herefords ,  KT Top Secret 1030 son, and maternal sire is AA PRF Wideload .  She is super clean fronted, has a perfect udder. Her daughter won the MN State fair Grand Champion female 2012.  She raises the biggest calf every year.

CTR 743 Mitten's Sue 009X  P43084332   Birth Date: 03-04-10

CTR 743 Mitten's Sue 009X is a CRR About Time 743 Daughter and her maternal  sire is AA PRF Wideload.  Mitten's is moderate size, with a perfect udder and   lots of milk.

Cow Herd:
We are a family farm, dedicated to providing quality Hereford seedstock that will help you build value into your own herd.  The quality seedstock starts with top quality cows.  We continue to strive to make the "perfect" Hereford cow, one that is maternal,  structurally sound, super thick, without a ton of extra grain. The easy-doing kind... that is what we like at Christ the Rock Herefords.

ILR 501C Lady Maiden 701 ET  P43807253  Birthdate: 01/31/17  Homozygous polled 

Sire: Churchill Kickstart 501C ET    Dam: RPH Maiden 95T  

This is a special genetic package - out of Sierra Ranches Donor - Maiden 95T and  Churchill Kickstart (who topped Churchill's 2016 Bull sale at $125,000 for 1/2 interest) 

Lady Maiden 701 is bred to a Sooner / Beth 1L bull ; owned with Iron Lake Ranch